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Strategic consultancy services


We offer high level consulting services that are ideas driven and evidence based. Our work includes the translation of research and evidence into policy, strategy and program development, high quality evaluations and reviews.
Equally important we support the development of implementation plans, driving evidence based strategy to practice.
In all our work we prefer  to work with and develop capability in client managers and staff.

Organisational and governance development


We offer nuanced and effective work on organisational and governance development. Our style is engaging and based on a strong commitment to enabling all voices to be heard and those important conversations to be had. We are attentive to both performance and people.
Robert has mentored CEOs of large organisations and emergent leaders in community organisations.
He continues to serve on the boards of community sector organisations.

Business Meeting
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Facilitation and mediation


It is a signature commitment in our work that we seek to bring people with different viewpoints, circumstances and interests together. In some cases the point is to come up with the best plan. In others it is to work through a hard conversation.
Robert is also credentialed to offer formal mediation of disputes and conflicts, as an accredited (NMAS) mediator.

Bringing it all together

Think  Change  Resolve

All our organisations perform best when we bring together deep reflection on evidence, preparedness to evolve our practice and the ability to have the conversations necessary to decide the right path.
So, while Think Change Resolve offers different services, they are never completely distinct. 
We might decide together to shift gear and drive into conversation or step back and re-examine what brought us to this place or the new insight that has disrupted our thinking.
Our experience is that it is the combination of the approaches and the ability to shift between them that adds extra value.

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