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Think  Change  Resolve

Think Change Resolve was established by senior consultant, facilitator and mediator, Robert Griew. Robert spent 25 years in leadership positions in government, community and private sectors.

He has built a reputation for leadership, ideas, creativity and bringing people together. 


Robert has teamed up with a small number of high quality colleagues, with similar values, commitment to excellence, evidence, frank conversation and positive change, for organisations and communities.


Robert is an Associate of the Nous Group, with whom he was a Principal for five years. Nous are Robert's quality go-to partners for work of scale. 


Think Change Resolve offers related but distinct services.


We support organisations and individuals working in policy, service design, evidence translation, implementation and evaluation.

We offer deep experience in team, organisational and governance development, capability building, strategy and engagement.

We love to work with groups, facilitating key conversations and challenging change processes.


Robert offers mediation as a distinct service. Robert is an NMAS accredited mediator.

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